Sulphanic Acid

We are one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer, wholesaler and stockists of Sulphonic Acid in India. A sulfonic acid (or sulphonic acid) refers to a member of the class of organosulfur compounds with the general formula R−S(=O)2−OH, where R is an organic alkyl or aryl group and the S(=O)2−OH group a sulfonyl hydroxide.[1] A sulfonic acid can be thought of as sulphuric acid with one hydroxyl group replaced by an organic substituent. Sulfonic acids are much stronger acids than the corresponding carboxylic acids

Applications of Sulphonic Acid
  • Detergents and Surfactants
  • Dyes
  • Acid Catalyst
  • Antibacterial Drugs
  • Methanesulfonic acid is used as the supporting electrolyte of the zinc-cerium and lead-acid (methanesulfonate) flow batteries.
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